A Brief History of Art in My Family

The history of art in my family goes back to the middle 1800’s in Sweden. Emma and Knut Ekwall were my great-great-great aunt and uncle. They were brother and sister, and both achieved some reknown in the art world. Emma was known for her portraits, and Knut for his etchings, illustrations of books, and paintings. Both lived into the twentieth century, Knut died in 1912 and Emma in 1930.

The next artist in the family was my father. He chose to become an artist after he left the service upon the close of World War 2. He attended art school and has painted ever since. As I was growing up, his interest in art interested me as well, and my sole art instruction has come from him and what I picked up through experience.

My cousin, Richard Skover, attended art school and became a painter and illustrator in Milwaukee. He does very nice work, to have a look, click his name on my links page.

Here’s some examples of their work:

Oil on canvas, Date Unknown
Knut Ekwall

Oil on canvas, Date Unknown
Knut Ekwall

Portrait, Title Unknown
Oil on canvas, Date Unknown
Emma Ekwall

Oil on masonite, 1966
Warren Luedtke

Painting, Title Unknown
Watercolor on paper, Date Unknown
Dick Skover